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Welcome to our Project Page! We're dedicated to enhancing cyberspace through tools and in-depth security research.

Explore our work, tools, and research here as we work together to build a safer digital world.

We are passionate about creating solutions to protect digital landscapes from vulnerabilities. With a focus on training and knowledge-sharing and transparancy we empower others to navigate the ever-evolving realm of cybersecurity.

In-progress and To-do's

Private Security Research Nuclei Project with @fopwn

This project is intended to improve security research initiatives with the Nuclei tool. Will be made public once complete!

Security Research DevSecOps Pipeline with @cjhackerz

This project will be for adding specific open-source apps for security research. Will be made public once complete!

Add more Static CTF Challenges and Writeups

Always working on new projects for the learners in the field!

Completed Projects


WebSploitArch is a script that deploys the web security training environment by Omar Santos

DevSecOps Training Pipeline1

This project gives a look into what it looks like to run a pipeline against a vulnerable application.

Jenkins-SAST-SCA-Kubernetes-DAST Pipeline
SAST - SonarCloud

SCA - Snyk

DAST - Zap-CLI on K8S



This is an online based Web Recon tool with several Google Dorks and other platform queries for completing the Information Gathering Phase.

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